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Read on for tips on how to get the best out of our webinars once you have signed up and received the welcome email with joining instructions. Don't forget to make sure you sign up for a webinar before attempting to follow instructions on this page.


Access the webinar via an internet connection through your computer, tablet, mobile or through a phone line connection. To access the webinar via the internet, shortly before the start time, click the link in the welcome email you received once you registered. To access the webinar by phone, dial the number in the welcome email.


If you are having trouble hearing our trainers via a computer connection, click microphone icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Here you will be able to see the sound settings and make adjustments if necessary. 

 Webinar troubleshooting

Alternatively, you may wish to dial into the webinar via a phone connection. You will find the number to call on the registration email you received when you signed up.


All participants will be muted during the webinar to allow our trainers to present. However, you may ask a question at any time by typing a question or comment. Click on the Q&A button in the bottom-centre of your screen to use this message facility - your trainers will be able to read and respond to your comment in real time. You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions at the end of the webinar when all participants will be unmuted.