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"The research I conduct through the DPUK Data Portal focuses on the role of midlife vascular risk factor trajectories in predicting cognitive functional decline and/ or risk of dementia. I am using cross-cohort data from UK population-based prospective studies and applying the same modelling techniques to each dataset (in STATA and R), which will allow me to make robust conclusions if effects are similar across different cohorts. It will also enable me to explore factors influencing heterogeneity of results, including age and genetic risk.

It is an entire privilege to be using these rich and diverse datasets, and it is reassuring to know that by accessing them through a highly secure remote server – from anywhere – I can in no way inadvertently mishandle or mislay sensitive data. Furthermore, the analyses of multiple cohort data are complex and so by exploring them within a single data repository I can deal with each of the several datasets in a very systematic and highly organised way. The technical team are quick to respond to any queries I make, such as data-out requests, which streamlines the whole process."

- Dr Catherine Calvin, researcher, University of Oxford

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