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"I am currently working on two projects in the Data Portal, both of which are using multiple cohorts. For the first – a collaborative study with EMIF – I am working with five datasets. I am building a profile of successful cognitive ageing in participants aged 85+ years at baseline who have rich cognitive, biomedical, family history, demographic, lifestyle and psychosocial data. The aim of this research study is to understand the correlates of successful longitudinal cognitive ageing and create a profile of these successful ‘superagers’.

I'm enjoying the free software in the Data Portal. For my second project in the Data Portal I am using IRT and SEM in STATA. I'm looking at the longitudinal effects of childhood adversity on adult cognition and health outcomes using three DPUK cohorts. Using self-report retrospective questionnaire data, our aim is to investigate associations between childhood adversity and multiple adult health-related outcomes – behavioural, psychological, cognitive and biomedical."

- Dr Sarah Bauermeister, senior researcher, University of Oxford