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The DPUK cohorts community has met for its second workshop – an event that many attendees recognised as another productive meeting for the group.

Representatives from cohort studies meet twice a year in interactive workshops which are facilitated by DPUK to keep cohort studies at the heart of the ongoing development of DPUK resources.

This time, discussion centred around current issues relevant to cohorts: requirements for DPUK’s data application form, common issues cohort data access committees are facing, and potential services DPUK could offer cohorts. DPUK staff presented the latest developments in the Data Portal and clinical studies register. Cohorts were pleased to learn about the cohort discovery tool development programme and Ivan’s presentation of the register prompted lively discussion on a number of practical issues. The register proposal was met with broad support from the cohort Principal Investigators present.

It is rare outside of DPUK for cohort studies to come together to discuss common issues they face, but in the workshop attendees and senior DPUK staff were able to flesh out the areas in which DPUK technology can be developed to best support cohorts.

It was a very interesting meeting and good to feel consulted so closely on the way forward. I strongly support the way that we as a cohort are being engaged in DPUK. Our ideas and proposals are clearly being taken on board, and indeed actively sought. - Andy Heard, Database Manager, Airwave Health Monitoring Study










The aim of DPUK’s cohort workshops is to support collaborative working amongst cohort scientists and managers who are facing similar challenges, and to develop effective proposals for DPUK’s support of cohorts going forward.

The next meeting of the cohorts working group will take place in May 2018. For more information on joining the cohort working group, please visit the cohorts working group page.

Working with such an engaged group of scientists is invaluable to the DPUK project. It is only with the input of cohorts that we can develop resources that will be of real benefit to this community so I am sincerely grateful to the continued involvement of the cohort studies. - John Gallacher, Director, Dementias Platform UK










Photos from the day:

Cohort workshop 2 22.2.2018.jpgCohort workshop 6 22.2.2018.jpgCohort workshop 4 22.2.2018.jpgCohort workshop DC SB 22.2.2018.jpg