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Chloe Fawns-Ritchie

University of Edinburgh

Chloe is a research assistant based at the department of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

She worked with a joint DPUK-UK Biobank team to create new cognitive assessments, that are now being implemented in UK Biobank's ongoing data collection. 

"I’ve been fascinated for a long time by why people vary in terms of their cognitive abilities, and how this can have different health effects later in life.

Since starting work with DPUK I have also been able to gain a whole bunch of research experience that isn’t always available to research assistants at my level, including data analysis, attending conferences, and presenting at them – I've presented at three conferences so far. Together with colleagues, I'm working towards publishing my research too. Thanks to DPUK, I’ve had the chance to work with scientists who have expertise in brain imaging, computer science, statistics, genetics, epidemiology, and medicine. This mixed network is invaluable to me.

Like many of my peers working on DPUK work packages, I am (unofficially) mentored by the senior researchers with whom I work closely. Their spirit of collaborative and open research definitely inspires me to take this forward in my own career."