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Chi-Hun Kim

University of Oxford

Chi-Hun is a postdoctoral researcher based at The University of Oxford

"I’m both a postdoctoral researcher and a neurologist by training. I’m interested in finding out which factors cause dementia, how much impact they have on dementia, and eventually whether we can modify those factors to prevent dementia. I’m particularly interested in using multiple data sources and various analysis methods to make my findings more convincing and replicable.

For me, the DPUK Data Portal has been a channel which has enabled me to set up efficient, and what I expect to be longstanding, collaborations with researchers in other countries. Thanks to my research proposal, I was lucky enough to win an MRC-NIH partnering award and a DPUK Discovery award to study the impact of vascular factors on the development of dementia, using UK and US data. I am also working with researchers in Korea, assisting them in setting up a Korean version of DPUK. The funding will enable me to develop my own network of international collaborators and my own research capacity."

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